Friday, January 21, 2011

Paintings as Backgrounds

We haven't discussed the technical aspect of scenery building very much, but these photoshopped paintings are exactly what I had in mind.

We should

-find high resolution scans of paintings (which we'll have to do no matter what)
-decide if we want to
-print the paintings out and arrange them in mock 3d for our puppets to explore
-figure out how to do this in photoshop or and use a green (blue?) screen to place the puppets into the scene or
-do something else?
-decide when to tour the van gogh wing of imagination world. wow.

How did everyone else see the paintings represented?


  1. Or...

  2. additionally...

  3. Fantastique! With images like this, we do have to be careful of the tilt-shift artist's copyrights as well, though. But like, we have photoshop, so whatever :D

    I don't know if we'd want to use this style of background for the whole show but man does this make it look more like traversable scenery. Even if for some reason we do not actually use these or these kind of pictures, this is a good example of aesthetic to aim for.

  4. Yeahhhh this is totally what I imagined, how did they know??

    I also was imagining bringing parts of the painting out of the 2D plane to create foreground. Like, if parts of foliage in the second picture were literally pulled out into a hedge the puppets could walk around. If that description is hard to understand, I have really great hand gestures that go along with it--I'll show you in person!


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