Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Episode Brainstorming

1. Television episode
2. Videogames
3. Comics
4. Imaginauts are given assignments that are the reverse of their specialty
5. Postmodernism
6. Performance art
7. Sound art
8. Video

Specific Problems:
1. Supermarket dissatisfaction
2. Cooking conundrums with a chef

Also, given that our first episode is basically our pilot, we decided that we would need to fit a typical Imaginauts episode in alongside exposition with all The Imaginauts knitty gritty. It should probably be double length to accommodate all of the things we want to fit inside of it.

The basic outline of the pilot:
1. Exposition of academy/Imaginauts
2. Problem
3. Assignment
4. Pan through a kaleidoscopic view of all the painting worlds (perhaps even sneak peaks of worlds to come in the next episodes!)
5. The first painting world they visit
6. The second painting world they visit
7. Resolution

1 comment:

  1. 1. surrealism - probably a later episode, but including magritte, hieronymous bosch, dali, maybe man ray...? surrealism is about creating connections where there were none before, so maybe that could inform the 'problem' they're solving.

    2. animation??? animation within animation - this could be part of a tv episode or something, but exploring moving images and how photography became animation.... Cartoons, flipbooks, stop-motion, etc... This would be a nice follow up to either a cartooning/comics episode or a photography episode.

    3. Music - touching briefly on a lot of different kinds of music and how they relate to the art around them - bach+baroque, blues/jazz/r&b+that art, etc.

    4. dada - art for the sake of art aka what our show is about (although I'm pretty sure we're not dadaists)! hannah hoch, marcel duchamp, man ray....

    5. typography! or graphic design? maybe traversing the world of advertisements and signs - talking about media communications and clarity of symbols.... Could throw in some basic composition rules (grey squares, diagonals), with principles of art (line shape form color etc)...


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