Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Episode: Dance!

I was going to save this for our meeting tomorrow, but then I wrote it out and I mean why bother.

For the Dance episode, I was thinking that we could arrive at Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie, where the lines and blocks of the painting are dancing and changing color all around the characters like some sort of crazy colorful city that was constantly rearranging itself. Mondrian, all blockliney, comes and shows the imaginauts how to dance with the city. Maybe we invite him to our imagirave later?

I like the idea of bridging different forms of art together, blurring the lines of genre until we see nothing but the act of creation. Dancing>painting. Stage lighting>Caravaggio? A writer of historical fiction visits a museum to better understand the mindset of itinerant nobles at the height of the rococo, and ends up imagining themselves into the paintings? That one might not work so well.

Still! Chase down those elusive Hyper-Lynx, guys!

Here are some words that Lynda Barry said and I read:

"What if drawing was a way to get to a certain state of mind that was very good for us? And what if this certain state of mind was more important than the drawing itself?

I believe making lines and shapes and coloring them in can still help us in the way it helped us when we were kids. When we used paper as if it were a mere place rather than a thing. A place where something alive can happen through motion. The motion of our bare hands--the original digital devices; wireless; bio fueled; completely ours."


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  1. Ey yo, we should get on that LB letter if we want to hear back in time to actually put any of her excellent insights into the show! Possible goal for a future meeting?


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