Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Notes from an early brainstorming session!

A while ago, Jonathan and I got together and talked about some stuff...
Here are the notes I took!

List of Episode Ideas:
- Filmmaking
- Exploring
- Music
- Cooking
- Dance
- Architecture
- Painting
- Journalism
- Animation
- Typography
- Printing/Engraving
- Color and Light
- Theater

First Episode:
- Imaginauts graduate from the Imaginaut Academy
- Head of the Academy (David--like the sculpture) calls them into his office and tells them that levels on the Imagimometer are dangerously low, and that he needs them to begin inspiring immediately
- There will be some sort of explanation of what the Imaginauts do, and then a normal episode will follow

I'm not sure if anything we came up with for that first episode still applies, but it was in my notes, so I included it. We'll figure it out next time we meet :)

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