Tuesday, September 6, 2011


If we are going to finish this, we have got meet these deadlines come heck or high water!

Here is a list of all the things that need to be made for these scenes. The ones in red need to be finished by Friday the 9th for filming!! The ones with a ∞ by them, anyone can do, but if your initial is next to something, you're the best person for the job.

j-email mr. bennet - Think – using allie’s brother, also using mr. bennet’s class…. Timing concerns!! Also, sophie?
j-make a new tree
j-draw a 2D mini-ship
j-make little inky things for the dresser drawer
j-make ringo
j-fill in Lucy’s line after oscar says “strange” in the ship
j-make a clown werewolf mummy with knives for fingers

∞-email matt king, see if there’s any way to check out the AFO camera on weekends.
∞-make a calendar of everyone’s schedules (including kenny and kelley)
∞-make scribbles
∞-make post-it shrubs
∞-trim doodlelands paper
∞-make and cover front doodlelands hill in pre-ripped paper, then notebook paper. Leave bottom fringe so that it hides the frame edge
∞-make a word balloon for sock monkey. On a stick or wire that is held seperately
∞-patch the sun that’s already there by cutting out a horizon-to-top strip that covers the sun, paint it blue.
∞-buy blue fuzzy gloves the same color as oscar, also find sock-monkey socks (ha’s friend???)
∞-make tiny paper /map that gets printed out of dood
∞-write [kid’s name] Mrs Wittkopf’s class Period 5
∞-get/make/cut a big piece of paper that will be the fear.
∞-make tiny smoothies, maybe a little smoothie machine

e-cover trees with yellow
e- make windows in doodletown. make some windows for doodles to peek out of (make sure they are big enough) make boarded up things or metal guards to go behind them. If possible have them be able to look out through the slats. They should be removeable (do not glue!) and maybe open in different ways.

Je-make a sun w/moveable face
je-make background drawings for the little ship to be pulled across. See script for backgrounds.
Je-draw a fruit bowl full of aaahhhberries
Je-make dood’s bowl (2D) also a bag of scribble kibble to put next to it maybe.
Je-draw a record and player and record cover with swinging arm
je-make tiny pizza cutter
je-make a spaceship/houses/whatever new things will spring up in doodletown.

Jeh-make the dresser (non-functional)

h-make life-sized pen
h-make little-sized pen
h-make a cushion that slides onto the stick to become a stool.
h-make badges
h-make the pencil sharpener gun
h-make a tiny pencil
h-make a tiny pen (simpler than the squid pen! For lucy at the end)

Ja-ask Jeff if he’ll narrate for us

a-make/get self portrait of allie’s brother