Friday, January 21, 2011

Episode: Art is Everywhere

Possible titles:
Dull Drew, Here's to You
World Weary, Art Leery
Don't Frown, Art's All Around

Problem: there's a kid out there who is bored of life, the daily routine and grind of his existence. Life is just terribly mundane. When he walks he looks at his feet.

Possible Artists:
Mark Dion (1961 - )
Dion's art practice typically involves finding a site and digging into it to find the materials to create his work--literally. He'll lead an architectural dig at a chosen location, take what he finds (mostly remnants of human life/detritus), and creates a museum like exhibit. He's definitely pointing fingers to specific things and elevating objects higher than where they'd be outside the art world, while at the same time questioning the authority of organizations like museums.

John Baldessari (1931 - )
Baldessari's segment in art21 is great, totally all about finding art everywhere. He might be a little too conceptual for our audience to grasp. I thought that we could use his series of commissioned paintings where he took photographs of his hand pointing to objects, and then commissioned other artists to paint them. Alternatively, he also did a piece where he got students to write "I will not make anymore boring art" repeatedly on a wall. Too hard to incorporate into a show? Maybe. Either way, I think he's good to know about.

Tim Noble (1966 - ) & Sue Webster (1967 - )
Noble and Webster are known for their trash piles whose silhouettes become detailed images. Their work definitely would help with our problem child's perspective, it's such an obvious metaphor.

Moyra Davey (1958 - )
Davey is a photographer who works primarily with the everyday ephemeral. She takes photographs of battered pennies, dust in her apartment, and her record collection. Beautiful photographs with such consideration and attention to her potentially mundane subject matter! I would love to have the Imaginauts talk to a dust bunny.

Possible worlds:
Still's Supermarket--a supermarket where inanimate objects for still lifes are for sale.
The Stills--a place where everything is incredibly still, posing for still lifes. The artists there are intent on capturing life, but the Imaginauts realize life is not meant to be kept still and captured. Within their bosoms stir a lust for experiencing life and the world around them!

Lynda Barry quote
An upcycling/reusing craft would also blend well. Turning a plastic bag into a kite?

I think that this episode would be a good candidate for pilot, just because the topic is general enough to be accessible to a wide audience, plus it's a good first lesson that's at the crux of our intentions in making the show.

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