Thursday, January 20, 2011


These are actually super easy to make, but cutting glass becomes a safety issue for the little ones. Conveniently, they sell mirrored styrene, which you can cut with scissors and will give you similar results! Unfortunately, mirrored styrene can be a tad pricey.

This one is pretty clear, the pictures are a little sparse
This one has silly specifics on supplies, but it has better pictures!

Generally, you just need to have a tube (cardboard paper towel rolls work) and inside of it have three mirrored surfaces in a triangle, all facing inward. You can build a chamber at one end to make a kaleidoscope, or you could leave that end open and it will be a teleidoscope, with the world as your experience!

Building the chamber for objects might be a little tricky for our audience, so I'm an advocate for the teleidoscope. Alternatively, this too is a good solution:

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