Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/17 Questions

-       Where are the copyright lines drawn? How much of an image can we use/how much do we have to disguise it? Are our repoductions of actual images infringement?
-       Can we get a video camera plz?
-       Public Access channels? Can we use tv studio equip??


  1. HEY so I emailed MK today and he says that we probs can check out the AFO video camera for a couple days at a time through him. We just can't take it to exotic locations . . . I guess no Imaginauts in India special episode : (

  2. WOO! Did he say anything about the summer? or will those just be xtreme puppet making and animating months?

  3. I think the plan is to be done shooting all real time film stuff by/before summer, and the summer is for editing our junk, maybe finishing animations and then fall/winter is marketing and slowly publishing.

    So either way we shouldn't worry about shooting video then!

  4. Spectacular! You know what they say, if you can't bring the camera to India, bring India to the camera.



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