Thursday, February 3, 2011

Episode: Photography

Problem: Our PC is a budding young photographer of his art class. His classmates, due to some sort of contagious delusion, think that photography isn't "real art." Our PC is so discouraged, he wants to give it up.

World: The PORCHtrait
Think of good southern living, mansion style with a huge wrap-around porch. Ice tea and lemonade on rocking chairs? Yes. A gathering place for a diverse set of portraiture created from a cross-section of art history? Yes. The Mona Lisa is a diva.
Photography had its beginnings in painting, through camera obscura and as a tool for painters.
That one Vermeer
Mona Lisa

Animation: A brief history of the camera, as told by that one Vermeer, from its origins in painting and camera obscura to a very quick visual evolution of different camera technologies, that ultimately morphs into the human eye!

World: The Film Strip
This is a boardwalk-esque city that photographs dwell in. It's a little grimy, dirty, and dark, but that's photography for you!
Photography has had a huge impact on art-making since its creation.
Through photography, images become easily accessible vehicles to create greater empathy. If you can "see" it you can believe it.
Ansel Adams
Alfred Stieglitz

Mini World: The Dark Room

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