Thursday, February 3, 2011

Episode: Architecture

Problem: The problem character (PC) is a child of a family facing economic hardships. They have recently decided to move into smaller, more affordable housing. Unfortunately, the PC's box of toys has been misplaced during the move, and the PC is forced to deal with this alongside his stressful new circumstances. His parents propose that he makes the best of things with the cardboard boxes left over from their move.

Lesson: Using the materials and environment at hand
World: ???

  • Pueblo
  • Igloo
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Treehouses

Lesson: Structure
World: ??

  • Cathedrals (perhaps Sacred Heart in RVA?)
  • Mayan ruins/temples
  • Maybe skyscrapers

Lesson: Transiency
World: ??

  • Teepees
  • Raymond Roussel and his house on wheeeeels
  • Yurt

In this episode, we have walls that speak! The characters the Imaginauts interact with are the actual buildings.
Pertinent question: what is a home?
Form can follow function (ex. tea and bath houses)

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  1. It makes sense for them to visit the real world for the architecture episode. We don't want them to spend so much time in the real world during the first episode, though, so maybe rearrange?


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