Sunday, January 30, 2011

Notes from 1/28: Sculptcha, Litratcha, Architechtcha, and Photography

[My notes are pretttty slim, so plz bolster them with yours! Feel free to edit the post itself.]

Photography: Goal: determine that photography is a worthwhile medium. We'll talk to vermeer about the camera obscura, see the whizz-through of the evolution of photography, go through the Photoghetto (??) to visit the Porchtrait, from which we'll meet and follow Ansel Adams? or that other guy? out onto the Film Strip (boardwalk?)
[obviously I'm a little fuzzy on this one's people and order they go in - amend! edit!]

Architecture: [failed to take any notes here - probably not the best person to write about this one anyway - amend! edit!]

Literature: Most of this is good for now, we just touched on the mythology part - Athena/Pallas will show us around ancient Greece, pointing out all these different gods/myths in process. Also before we get to Poe's house we'll stop by Mrs. Dalloway's house to say hey and see if she knows whether Poe is home / watch her kill a moth.

Sculpture: ? We need to find more artists. The episode will deal with how different artists approach and represent the human form - what aspects they are trying to emphasize. (venus of willendorf et al - fertility, classical grecian statues - perfection of form, african tribal sculpture -???, etc?)

Color and Light: Bumped to be the last/finale episode because the problem is NOT with a kid, but with ImagiNation itself - the Color Fields are at war/arguing/seperating/in a tiff and the Imaginauts have to sort it out. The Printing episode is now the second to last episode.

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