Thursday, February 3, 2011

Episode: Figurative Sculpture

Problem: It's snowing, so our PC is having a jolly time on his day off school frolicking in the winter wonder land. He's making snowmen and creatures left and right. Exhausted from his creativity, he retires for the night. In the morning, he wakes up to find that his neighbor has built a magnificent snow sculpture, finely crafted by artisan hands. The PC is distraught. The masterpieces that he created yesterday are nothing compared to his neighbor's work, in his mind.

Overall lesson: Diversity! There have been countless ways that humans have been depicted through sculpture. No one way is necessarily better than the other.

Let's join the Woman of Willendorf, the Imaginauts' guide for the episode.

World: The Sculpture Garden
This is the main world of all sculpture. They plant and live in this space. When they grow weary, they hop up on a pedestal to take a rest. In this sneak peak, the emphasis is on the Early Sculpture residents of the SG.
Naturalistic sculpture is not better than exaggerated and simplified forms found in much of early, prehistoric sculpture.
Early sculpture often is used as a symbol to convey greater meaning (e.g. religious purposes, fertility).

  • Woman of Willendorf
  • Self portrait of Raharuhi Rukupo (African sculpture)
  • Akati Akpele Kendo (African sculpture)

World: The Classic Diner
This is a popular eat-out for those hip and happenin sculptures. Typically, a lot of Classical sculptures are hanging out here, but of course all other sculptures are welcome and grab a bite to eat.
Classical sculpture is not the best kind of sculpture.

  • Classical Greek and Roman sculpture
  • Classical influences on sculpture in India
  • Marcus Aurelius on his high horse
  • Rodin

World: The Dance Club! (We will think of a great name soooon)
This world shows how movement is possible in sculpture and features a lot of modern art. The sculptures are all diverse and commingling while getting their groove on.

  • Alexander Calder
  • Jacques Lipshitz, Seated Man with Guitar
  • Rene Collamarini, Dance
  • Ron Mueck

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