Thursday, January 27, 2011


Not only should our Imaginauts be smartly dressed, but as their support team, we need a unifying insignia that declares us as part of the most important force in the universe!

Should that insignia take the form of...

Tshirts? - do we have screenprinting capabilities? other options-marker, paint, fabric paint/markers, tie dye...

Sashes? - same materials, but we'd also have to sew sashes (easy). perhaps make the insignia out of fabric that's sewn onto the sash??

Badges? - same as sash, but... easier? we would need pinbacks

Buttons? - rrrr we'd need a button maker (I do not think we have this?)



For the photoshoot, should we...

have puppets? - a la jonathan's prototype maybe? or a different type of puppet each

dress in Exploring/Art World Themed/Fun and Exciting costumes? - this is potentially cheap and easy and fun?

wear our insignia? well I mean duh.

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