Monday, January 24, 2011

Image Sources

The Communication Arts Department apparently gives its students access to a couple of huge artwork imaging databases: This is the VCU page explaining the different sites. I'm not linking to the actual sites because I think there's some hoops you have to jump through to make sure you're allowed in - just check them out via that ^^^^ link. 

There's ARTstor, which is something the school (as a non-profit?) gets access to, and the VCU Digital Image Databank. There's also the Cabell Library stockpile of art books and book art.  The VCU DID appears to be not just an image source but also a program for presenting images as well... idk. 

Anyway, these are probably super-handy things that we have access to - getting images from a legit website/database is a reassuring option compared to google searching things and hoping we're allowed to use them and that they haven't been tampered with. Plus, maybe whoever's in charge of these two things would be able to help us wade through any copyright issues?

yay school resources!

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