Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Deal

I talked to Nancy (with invaluable assistance from emily), and this is how our budget is going to be handled.

We'll be getting our money through the Communication Arts Dept, more specifically from Deborah van Buren in the Comm Arts Office, and even more specifically from the credit card they will be giving Deborah van Buren in the Comm Arts office.

We will get the money as needed during the project. If we want to buy some lumber , we can A) have Deborah phone in her credit card number at the register or B) buy it online and send Deborah the order with the credit card bit empty or C) use our own money and save the receipts to be reimbursed in the future.

If we have Deborah phone in the card, we'll need to phone her before we go shopping, just to say, "Hey Deb, we're going to head to Lowes in a bit, be ready for the call around 3:30 thanks super muchly you know."

Unfortunately, we cannot just take the credit card. Oh well.

The good news is that they will be pretty flexible about how we spend the money. Nancy said that if our materials cost ends up cutting into our travel costs that would be a-ok. They'll be watching the amount of money we spend, not really what we spend it on.

So let's figure out what materials we need and get shopping!

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  1. wooooooo! man if only we had timed this better, we could probably get hella stuff from yard sales to start up with, no joke. They start around... april? I am going to train you guys in yard saling, so that you can go over the summer without my guidance. This I pledge.


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