Thursday, March 24, 2011

Matt King Meeting

Split up into production groups - some script, some sets, some props - meetings more for touching base and seeing what we're all up to.
Mess around, shoot some scenes for funnnn.

borrow camera to test - just let Matt King and he can get it checked out. He'll be in richmond during the summer, so the camera and zoom recorder will both be available.

chroma-key paper (green screen!) - B&H Photo, also Savage (seamless backdrop paper)

stage - big, solid. grid on top for clip lights. power strips on sides to plug stuff in easily, spring clips for the top and side. make it the same ratio as a widescreen (a lot bigger than we need so that we can move the camera without seeing through the edges)Drywall screws by the inch along the top, put several metal conduit lengths between the screws (rigid, won't sag).

Hans Op de Beeck - piece at the hirshhorn, closes on the 27th,%202010&subSection=Installations&allTextFlg=true&title=Peak - crazy video script

schedule: test camera, see what things look like, but during the school year just prepare and make everything so that during the summer we can relax.

figure out a materials list and dimensions - get our stuff made,

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