Sunday, September 11, 2011

Doodle Do

Rolling to do list!

j-make background for Ringo's house in the drawer

j-fill in Lucy’s line after oscar says “strange” in the ship
j-make a clown werewolf mummy with knives for fingers

∞-make watercolor practice flowers
∞-get/make/cut a big piece of paper that will be the fear (for the biggest fear)

e- make windows in doodletown. make some windows for doodles to peek out of (make sure they are big enough) make boarded up things or metal guards to go behind them. If possible have them be able to look out through the slats. They should be removeable (do not glue!) and maybe open in different ways.

je-make background drawings for the little ship to be pulled across. See script for backgrounds.
je-make a spaceship/houses/whatever new things will spring up in doodletown.
Je-think of background for hand show

h- find sock-monkey socks for his close-up hands (ha’s friend???)

Ja-ask Jeff if he’ll narrate for us

a-make/get self portrait of allie’s brother

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