Sunday, January 9, 2011

Imaginauts Manifesto

We are a group of people underneath the name of the Imaginauts, attempting to produce a show that we hope will influence our viewers in a positive way. But what does that mean? If someone looked at our About Us page, what would it say?

If we want to be successful in our mission, we should probably organize our goals and beliefs around some central themes, so that we're sure our show becomes what we want it to be.

Note that the example includes definitions as well as intentions. It makes sense that we define exactly what we mean to be extra clear.

Some ideas I think would be good to include:

1. Everyone can be an artist.
We should battle the preconceived notions of what an artist is and who is or isn't allowed to be one. Our show can help open minds that would otherwise be closed. See Joseph Beuys and social sculpture.

2. Appreciation and respect.
For the environment, other individuals, diversity, the present, past, future etc etc etc

3. Acceptance of imperfection.
There is no one that is all good. People make mistakes and invariably fall short of ideals, but it's okay. There is always room for better, but that doesn't necessarily make the status quo bad.

I'm sure there's a lot of other things we can add, thoughts?


  1. I think these are all good points!

    Lynda Barry is a cartoonist who works along these lines. Her work is all about encouraging people to embrace drawing like they did as children, and she frequently compares making hand turkeys to buying drugs and is hilarious.----->

    I am about to leave for the wilderness but I have a lot of ideas regarding the manifesto and the format of the show, and I can't wait for the meeting this weekend. GET EXCITED IMAGINAUTS

  2. also I used my old screenname accidentally

  3. Themes from 1/17:

    - nothing is boring
    - art as process, exploration, fun & enjoyable, has no rules
    - everyone is an artist
    - we are all friends and peers! Casual Friday all weeeek
    - the show is celebratory, exploratory, and positive – we don’t need a ‘bad’ force to act against and give us purpose.

  4. Morals from 1/19:

    Each show should have a message we're teaching - not necessarily just art facts.

    - exploring
    - art for arts sake
    - there are no mistakes - bad things can become good things


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