Wednesday, December 15, 2010

theme song brainstorming!

apparently you cant upload mp3 files to blogspot? so go to this link and download!

So I wrote this the other night when a tune popped in my head, the lyrics are simple and generic because we don't know the specifics yet.

I daydream every day
Cuz pictures always have something to say
We're travelling far away
And all things change as time goes by
Let's open up our eyes

So this is just and idea. What do you think for the actual theme song? Lyrics or no lyrics? Should we wait until we can write more specific lyrics? Were you thinking a different kind of style/sound? Instruments?? Can you find theme songs from other tv shows that you like?


  1. I really like what you've got so far! That's pretty much exactly what I had in mind, except I was thinking it would be slightly more upbeat. I don't think it really needs to be more upbeat though. And I like the lyrics a lot too, especially the first line. Honestly, I can already imagine this being our theme's just really great!

    This song is the sort of style I had in mind. It's the song that plays at the end of Adventure Time. Anddd it won't let me post a link, so I'm just gonna copy/paste the URL :)

  2. I think this is really great, but I think I was expecting it to be a little more upbeat too, like to get kids in an excited and upbeat mood about the show.

    I'm looking at these for tone more than specific qualities:

    But Kirsten's post brings to mind a good point, will we need something musical for end credits? Because if you don't want to change this one, I think it would work great as an end credit song, like a gentle lullaby back to the real world.

  3. I agree with Ha - I think something more upbeat would be better for a theme song/intro, but this is really good for the end (and having a (credit?) song at the end is an excellent idea.) I like that it's kinda short and simple, because the show itself is going to be that way too, ya? For improvised lyrics I think they're pretty great and say what they need to... I guess we may need to tweak them as we firm up our ideas - a little more detail may be called for to re-assert the shows premise, but we'll see.

    What do you guys think of using the same lyrics for the opening and closing songs, but making the melody for the opener faster and more exciting? This song is pretty simple (one voice, one instrument), but I can imagine the opener being many loud voices and many loud instruments, with almost a marching vibe - like we're leading them off somewhere fantastic? trumpets, cymbals, drums?


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