Thursday, December 2, 2010


Matt Notes:

Ok, so think of the first episode as your "pilot." It can be longer than the other episodes (think: "The LOST 2-Hour Season Premier Event" so it fits better into the Short-Film Category and feels less like TV. 20 minutes would be great.

I'm curious about the timing of the Film Festival. When do you submit the film? When do you find out if its accepted? I'm assuming its not a guarantee. There's a jury? Do you know what percentage of submitted films get screened? And when is the actual event?

I'd suggest trying to talk to faculty in KI and Cinema about the permissions question at the very beginning of next semester. I spoke last night about it with my contact who knows a little about this issue, but she was unsure. You should have a list of which artists/works you would want use, and how you want to use them. Try to figure this out between now and when we meet next.

Here's a link to my friend's project that you might find interesting: The website component itself is worth considering.

Also, look at the early works of Tony Oursler.
You can get these from the VCU Library:
Cabell Media and Reserves DVDs PN1995.9.E96 O853 2007 DVD Loan
Cabell Media and Reserves DVDs PN1995.9.E96 O855 2007 DVD Loan
plus any books on him.

And here is a fun animation link that Liz King just sent me:

Also, look at old episodes of:
Land of the Lost
Captain Kangaroo
Pee-Wee's Playhouse


  1. The deadline for student submissions is November 15th. Acceptance is not guaranteed but our optimism is boundless! The lineup of winning films will be announced publicly on or about Feb 1, 2012.

    There is a jury, and there is the faintest possibility that we will meet Susan Sarandon? Fingers crossed!

    100 films are selected each year. I don't know the number of entries they get per year, and am unsure of how they divide the winning pieces into the three categories (short films, feature films, and student films) but I will endeavor to find out.

    The 2011 festival runs from March 4th to March 27th--they haven't announced the 2012 dates but they should be approximately the same.

  2. Man, Peewee's Playhouse is awesome, just for its wackyness if nothing else.


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